Solid Rock is a non-denominational Christian Ministry that aims to encourage military wives/partners to live Christian lives, whilst recognising the unique stress and hardships that are placed upon military families, particularly during posting cycles and deployment/separation.

Vision:    To see Christian defence wives/partners across our nation connecting with each other and 

               bringing glory to God in their daily lives.

Mission:  At Solid Rock we want to help women take God’s word and make it practical within the context

               of their military lifestyle. To hear God’s word is great but we need to be able to put it into

               practice. We aim to be a source of constructive help in assisting you to live life as a woman of

               God and as a military wife/partner.

Goals:    We recognise the unique stresses and hardships that are placed upon military wives/partners, 

              particularly the difficulties associated with moving and with husbands/partners deploying. As a

              group we hope to be an empathetic listening ear as well as supporting, encouraging and even

              challenging one another in our walk with Christ and our circle of influence within the defence


              Listen – To be a safe place where women can come when they need to vent knowing they are

                            loved and accepted whether it be defence related issues, relationships or personal


             Support – To be there for each other, offering to share lessons learned in common experiences 

                              and situations and the opportunity to get another point of view.

             Encourage – Assurance of God’s presence and the knowledge that through Him all things are


Challenge – Help each other to be stretched and to break out of our comfort zones, deepening

                                 our relationship with God.