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In the past we have run an online bible study through a closed Facebook group, where all posts can only be seen by those people in the group. Each study was posted in the group and those who wished to share, wrote their response.   We are looking at starting this up again so if you would be interested in being a part of this type of study, please let us know via our Contact Us page.


"Just before we started the on-line Bible study group I had a vision of a net across Australia.  A net that no matter where a woman posted to she wouldn't fall through and disappear.  While she looked for a church and took that necessary time to settle, or if there wasn't yet a group meeting in that location, the on-line community of Solid Rock remained ever present." 

Kristin, Solid Rock

Mission:  At Solid Rock we want to help women take God’s word and

               make it practical within the context of their military lifestyle.  To

               hear God’s word is great but we need to be able to put it into

               practice. We aim to be a source of constructive help in assisting

               you to live life as a woman of God & a military wife.

Past Studies

Obedient To Christ


With the study 'Obedient to Christ' you can learn how to put God's word into practice. Based on The Wheel illustration by The Navigators this is a simple, effective way to visually explain the structure of a God-glorifying life.


They explain that "Each part of this illustration represents a crucially important component of a vibrant Christian life—from the rim representing obedience to Christ, to the hub of Christ-centeredness, to each of the four spokes of witnessing, prayer, fellowship and the Word."

Download these booklets that contain everything required for each week:

Plug into the Power of Prayer

What is prayer?  Why is it important?  How do you pray and when do you pray?  These are all questions we will answer over the coming weeks.  We will look at many different ways to pray, from arrow prayers to an extended time with God. 

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